Pre-Made layouts

these are layouts that i made. if you want to use one of these, there will be a number BELOW the layout, so tell me at my profile what number you want, then i'll give you the code in my profile under your account name. i will let you know when i have it in my profile. thank you.


about mee (: 

^ 1


text here                                sorry this is really gay              you have to use the space bar because                                  theres only                      one scroll box.     sorry!

^ 2


text here



put anything you want in here! <3

^ 4


anything in here.



anything in here (:

^ 6


anything in heree (:

^ 7


anything in here (;

^ 8


text here
text here
text here

^ 9. credit goes to brown_sugar_layouts for help with the scroll boxes (: thankss!!


anything in here loves (:

^ 10


text here
text here

^ 11. took me forever. this is my first ever 2 scroll box layout.


text here loves (:

^ 12


text here